advertising cube

Advertising cube made of ecological materials, supporting the city’s pro-ecological campaign “Gdansk without plastic”: UV printing with selective white underprint on a CNC milled waterproof hardwood plywood, protection with water varnish. Construction of the carrier from four panels with internal load, assembly.

More about the action “Gdansk without plastic” at: (in Polish)

Advertising cubes. Spatial advertising. Eco-friendly advertising. Printing on wood. Printing on plywood.




Advertising cubes Poland. Printing on plywood Poland.

Plywood and other wood / wood-based materials have become an interesting alternative to plastics in printing and advertising. Wooden materials give the message a natural, pleasant and ecological character. They are perfect for large, spatial forms, albeit easy to move, such as a advertising cube / stand.

Example of other applications of the combination UV printing + wood / wood-like material + CNC / laser engraving + CNC milling are boxes for gifts / gadgets: It is possible to mark by UV printing and / or engraving. CNC milling is a process during which we can give the plywood any shape with very high precision. Importantly, the manufacturing process used by B52, involving several technologies, allows the implementation of individual orders, as well as short and long series, including strictly personalized series.

Returning to large forms, we make closed cubes / advertising cubes, multi-walled screens, openwork partitions, decorative covers and many other items. Wood and wood-based materials, including plywood, are such ecological materials that, if properly secured, successfully withstand external conditions for many months. For the most demanding applications, we use the highest quality boatbuilding plywood.