advertising light box

Signboard made in the form of a light box. #Advertising light box. Milled aluminium composite, Plexiglas covered with film in a shade of red. Installation.

We design and manufacture modern one- or double-sided advertising light boxes We use branded, energy-saving LED lens modules for illumination. We provide professional installation and service.

We make advertising light boxes: dibond light boxes, Plexiglas light boxes, light boxes onaluminium frames, light boxes with stretched faces, light boxes with PVC faces, light boxes with textile prints.

#Advertising light boxes Poland.



Advertising light boxes are one of the most popular forms of promotion. In addition to marketing purposes, they can also perform informational functions. An advertising light box is also a great choice for the implementation of large-size advertising. It allows You to sign Your investment in an elegant way.

Illuminated boxes made of dibond are the most popular form of advertising of this type. They will work when we want to highlight milled (cut-out) characters only with an unlit background.

If the panel should glow with its entire face, then the front of the panel is made of Plexiglas. It can also take the form of a semaphore and have any shape.

For dimensions excluding the use of dibond or acrylic, we use the vinyl stretching technology. The tensioning system allows the use of uniform and large, illuminated graphics without the need to connect several boxes. In this case, the structure of the box will be a reinforced aluminium profile, powder coatef or masked as needed. The construction of the box made in this technology is stable and can also be mounted at great heights.

In connection with the entry into force in Gdansk of the so-called landscape resolution, boards inserted into an aluminium profile, popular a few years ago, have been banned. To adapt the signs to the current regulations in force in Gdańsk, we also offer advertising boards up to 3 cm thick. We are also able to make such a board and illuminate it in an aesthetic way.

Among the illuminated forms, the light boxes remain the cheapest form of advertising. The price of a sign made in this way may fluctuate depending on the size of the illuminated section and the materials used, but it will remain lower than the 3D letters.


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