residential building signage

Residential building signage: floor and apartment numberings, as well as investment logos. Made of a combination of 2 different-coloured Plexiglas layers, laser cut and mounted on the wall with a distance.

Residential building signage. Plexiglas letters. Acrylic letters.




Plexiglas letters Poland. Acrylic letters Poland.

Marking public spaces must be aesthetic and durable – it is obvious. The selection and application of the appropriate material for the production of letters are influenced by the conditions of the exhibition and the feasibility of its implementation. The character and style of a given space are also important.

The basic materials for the production of letters are: self-adhesive films, wood, plywood and wood-based materials, metal and composite panels and plastics, including PVC and Plexiglas. And it is Plexiglas, or acrylic, due to its properties during processing and operation, that is the most commonly used material in this type of application.

The list of advantages of acrylic glass is long: it is available in many thicknesses – from 1 mm to 20 mm, and when cut from acrylic blocks, it can be even thicker,
it can be cut into any typefaces and shapes, it is aesthetic and elegant, durable, almost unbreakable, resistant to moisture and weather conditions, it can be mounted flat, vertically and on various planes or structures, it can be mounted at distances.

Acrylic is lightweight and stiff. It can be disassembled and used elsewhere, so it is practical and economical. It is convenient to install – can be stuck with glue, double-sided tape or mechanically (pins, spacers), can be illuminated – different lighting effects are created depending on the type of acrylic used , can glow at the edges – under the influence of UV light, or by diffusing the LED light. Due to its thickness (spatiality), it is easily noticeable.

Arcylics can be combined with each other and with other materials (also with letters from other types of plates), it can be glued in layers, it is plastic – the plane of the letter can be permanently bent and thermally curved, allow for effective spatial inscriptions and allow for effective lighting advertising – investment and developer logo, main titles and additional descriptions, finally it is safe to use.

B52 from Poland is a producer of single-cut letters. We offer execution and installations. We buy materials at wholesale prices. Special algorithms arrange letters on the plates to minimize waste, which allows us to reduce the price of the final product. Depending on the application, we use laser cutting or CNC milling. During assembly, we use proven solutions of chemical connections, thanks to which we successfully complete many development orders.