car wrapping

Car wrapping: graphic design, high-resolution graphics printing, contour cutting and application on vans.

Advertising on vehicles is an inexpensive and effective form of promotion. It is part of the corporate identification. It is also a form of mobile advertising and allows reaching a wide audience. The cost of creating graphics is one-off, and unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, there is no factor in the cost of advertising space rental. Therefore, advertising exposure on vehicles is free throughout the life of the vehicle.

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In car wrapping we use different types of films. Depending on the scope of graphics, places of wrapping, car body sculpture, planned exposure period and advertising budget. Types of films used in car wrapping: chemical component: we use economical monomeric and polymeric films for covering flat body parts and for short- and medium-term graphics. Cast films are malleable and will be ideal for embossed elements and for vehicles intended for use for many years; colours: for ambitious, sophisticated designs, often containing photos or tonal transitions, the best option is printed film. We use laminates for additional protection against mechanical factors. For graphics that are simple in colour, mass-coloured, plotter-cut films are the best; place of application: solid films are suitable for sticking graphics on sheets of metal, while perforated films, so-called one way vision films, can be used for sticking on glass, as the visibility from inside is maintained.

Comprehensive range of services: it can also include measurements and graphic design for vehicles. Design proposals are presented in the form of graphics simulations on a scaled digital photo, which allows you to view the graphics and make corrections before implementation.


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