In connection with the entry into force of the landscape resolution for the city of Gdansk, we would like to inform you that there is a need to adapt the signboards and other advertising boards and devices to its provisions. We have an extensive machine park and the necessary know-how to help in this endeavor. We are constantly introducing technical innovations to make our solutions modern, aesthetic, unconventional, distinctive, and at the same time energy-saving and safe to use.

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We live in a dynamic environment, in a culture highly focused on visual message. In a rapidly changing reality, large format prints are the basic tool for effective visual communication. Well designed, aesthetically printed and properly installed banners, meshes, posters, foil stickers, prints on textile materials not only do not disfigure the space, but, on the contrary, are a good complement to it and can harmonize with neighboring tissue. And they are memorable.

As the old Chinese sentence reminds, one picture is worth a thousand words.

We digitally print up to 1440 dpi, offering unlimited printing surfaces.

We produce banners, meshes, posters (billboards, citylights, wallpapers and other), printed self-adhesive films (white, transparent, perforated, decorative, cut-out stickers, etc.), stands, tripods, roll-up media, flags, etc. We print images in unlimited formats. Graphics consisting of several panels are combined into mega surfaces. We print on many substrated.

B52 has the most experience on the Tri-City large format printing market. We are gradually modernizing our machine park. We have a large-format CMYK printing machine with high efficiency (very short delivery times); 10-color machine for print quality for the most demanding customers and a UV hybrid machine for printing on roll materials and rigid substrates.