decorative flags / pennants

Digital printing of pennants on flag material with separator. Trimming, finishing with tunnels.




Flag printing Poland.

Prints on polyester materials are well saturated on both sides of the fabric and resistant to weather conditions. The advantage of our flags is the use of solid threads and the use of thick reinforcing tapes. Such flag covering, when used in accordance with the instructions, is a guarantee of their high resistance to weather conditions.

The print on the flags is visible on both sides, but the special finishing allows the presentation of flags with two-sided legible motif or two different graphic motifs on both sides. The double-sided flag is made of two pieces of printed material sewn together with a separator of Tyvek material placed between them. Due to the greater weight, double-sided flags are additionally reinforced with tapes and stitches.

Flag printing Poland. Printing on flag material. Printing on polyester.