illuminated advertising

Logotype made in the technology of illuminated channel letters. Acrylic faces covered with translucent film in appropriate colours. The sides are made of aluminium tape without rim. The substructure in the colour of the window joinery and mounted to it.

Illuminated advertising Poland. Illuminated letters Poland. Backlit letters Poland. LED letters Poland.

Channel letters are one of the most attractive and efficient forms of business communication. Backlit letters, appropriately designed, i.e. consistent with the brand image and the style of the environment, are credible for the recipient, and add prestige and originality to the investment. They are perfect both in the space of the shop window, as well as on the facade or on the roof of the building. B52 is a producer of signs in the form of signs without a background, a producer of backlit advertising.

Backlit letters are the most prestigious variety of 3D letters. Thanks to the use of modern energy-saving LED technology, they guarantee that a potential customer will be able to see the advertisement at any time of the day, in any weather.

Forward light letters Poland are the most popular variety among channel letters. Their housing can be different (aluminium, steel, acrylic), while the face is always made of translucent material, most often Plexiglas or polycarbonate. We select LED modules from a wide catalogue of available sources, bearing in mind the best adaptation to the technical requirements of a specific order. Regardless of the selected method of lighting, we use modules only from reputable manufacturers, with many years of service life, with a certificate of dust and water resistance.

B52 is a leader among producers of illuminated advertising Poland. Our strengths are a wide machine park that ensures no need to use subcontracting, over 20 years of experience in the advertising market and a good team of professionals. At the request of our clients, we are able to implement almost any, even the most complex project of illuminated advertising.

The modern light advertising market is quite diverse in terms of prices and quality of workmanship. Effective visual advertising, including illuminated advertising, requires an appropriate amount of work. The ultimate goal for us is the end result. Investing in illuminated advertising is not a short-term campaign and we believe that in the end only the quality and effectiveness of advertising are important.

Illuminated advertising Poland. Illuminated letters Poland. Backlit letters Poland.