sign / light letters

Sign in the form of lettering without a background, made of Plexiglas. Panel backlit. Installed over the entrance through a frame.




Single letters are one of the most effective and efficient forms of advertising. They mark the space and add prestige and originality to the investment. Channel letters are perfect both in the space of a shop window, as well as on the facade or on the roof of the building.

Light letters Poland. Acrylic letters Poland.

The most common light letters Poland: the face made of acrylic (PMMA) is illuminated from behind with LED modules, thanks to which the front of the letter shines intensely in the selected colour. Lighting in the form of energy-saving LED modules is mounted on the back of the letter, usually made of polycarbonate or thick PVC.

Light letters Poland are a popular way of signalling the company’s location – its logotype composed of spatial letters does not leave the recipient any doubts as to the location of the company or institution. Due to the fact that the signs are embedded directly in the facade without the need for additional boards, they take up less space. It is also easier than in the case of boards or light boxes to create a visually interesting composition with other elements of the building.

Thanks to their spaciousness channel letters are easier to notice and read faster than content on flat media. This effect is magnified when we apply backlighting. While the inscriptions on the boards are lost in the twilight, the light letters are expressive and perfectly contrast with the dark surroundings.

B52 is a producer of signs in the form of light letters.