pharmacy rebranding

Rebranding of a network pharmacy: signboard in the form of a light box, large format printing on perforated film, information labels. Shop rebranding.


Pharmacy rebranding. Rebranding Poland.

Companies change their image for many reasons – sometimes it is a technological innovation that should be used to renew the brand, sometimes the seasonality of the product, and even the boredom of customers with the existing graphics and communication.

Rebranding is a great way to refresh your brand, increase its recognition, and improve your sales results with new customers.

In theory, then, rebranding sounds like an easy recipe for success. In fact, actions changing the company’s image must be coordinated with the executive process. The implementation aspect of rebranding is most often associated with the involvement of many technologies used in printing and advertising at the same time. B52 has the appropriate knowledge, experience and technological facilities, thanks to which it is able to efficiently and comprehensively perform the tasks entrusted to it. Rebranding Poland.


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