Plexiglas displays

Design and manufacturing of leaflet stands. UV printing on Plexiglas. White underprint. Laser cutting and thermal bending.
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B52 produces the highest quality Plexiglas displays. For their production, we use extremely durable acrylic glass, which is one of the most durable and popular plastics. Their advantage is primarily resistance to unfavourable weather conditions or mechanical damage. Plexiglas displays are an extremely popular product, especially in the food and advertising industries.

Our displays are perfect for advertising. Thanks to the Plexiglas displays, you will present your products in an aesthetic and original way. You can freely use the Plexiglas presenter to present catalogues, folders, brochures or leaflets, which is why they will be used in any office, bank, school, shop, catering or other service premises. Each Plexiglas presenter is made on the client’s individual request. All you need to do is submit your idea, we will take care of the rest.

B52 manufactures Plexiglas leaflet stands in various sizes, shapes, models and colours. Thanks to digital processing and the possibility of making low batches, and even single pieces, we are able to adjust products to the needs of each client. You can effectively present your company, product or service at the headquarters or during promotional or fair campaigns. Each Plexiglas stand for leaflets can also be completed with a company logo or other graphics.