In connection with the entry into force of the landscape resolution for the city of Gdansk, we would like to inform you that there is a need to adapt the signboards and other advertising boards and devices to its provisions. We have an extensive machine park and the necessary know-how to help in this endeavor. We are constantly introducing technical innovations to make our solutions modern, aesthetic, unconventional, distinctive, and at the same time energy-saving and safe to use.

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graphics on the wall during the renovation of the premises

graphics on the wall during the renovation of the premises

Graphics on the wall during the shop renovation: printing on self-adhesive film, applying film on plasterboard.

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Renovation of premises located in a closed public space, in particular in shopping centres, often means the need to erect a temporary building wall made of plasterboard or OSB. To increase the aesthetics of the place, as well as to build relationship with the recipient, such walls are covered with graphics. Depending on the material used for the wall construction, as well as the length of the planned renovation and budget, it is possible to use different printed substrates. BBS billboard paper: glued in the same way as posters on advertising media – an economic solution used in conjunction with primed surfaces; matt self-adhesive films: a common and inexpensive solution where wall material is of secondary importance; frontlit banner material: best for uneven wall surfaces and wherever it is advisable to hide temporary entrances to the premises.


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