In connection with the entry into force of the landscape resolution for the city of Gdansk, we would like to inform you that there is a need to adapt the signboards and other advertising boards and devices to its provisions. We have an extensive machine park and the necessary know-how to help in this endeavor. We are constantly introducing technical innovations to make our solutions modern, aesthetic, unconventional, distinctive, and at the same time energy-saving and safe to use.

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light box

light box

Light box advertising medium. POS material for use in shop, service and office spaces. The frame of profile is powder painted. Panel backlighting with wide-angle diodes, printing on a samba textile. Confection with a vinyl strip for multiple assembly into the frame gap.

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Light box presenters are a distinct form and simple design. Due to the possibility of self exchange of graphics in the frame, this form of boxes allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the frame fill to the current graphics, to specific promotions or announcements of upcoming events. Specially prepared backlight strengthens this message and works in any environment. The graphics illuminated by LED lens modules works perfectly even in rooms with intense lighting. Prints on fabrics are matte, so they do not cause light reflections.

Printing on textiles: a trend that is gaining momentum. Textile printing, previously associated with the decorating industry, feels more confident in advertising. It is aesthetic and gives the interior a premium effect. By using the appropriate print mode, the backlight version provides the best available blacks, contrasts and colour saturation.

Carriers with textile prints can also be made without backlight. Such a carrier is then very slim and perfectly fits any interior.


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advertising media, POS materials, printing on textiles