In connection with the entry into force of the landscape resolution for the city of Gdansk, we would like to inform you that there is a need to adapt the signboards and other advertising boards and devices to its provisions. We have an extensive machine park and the necessary know-how to help in this endeavor. We are constantly introducing technical innovations to make our solutions modern, aesthetic, unconventional, distinctive, and at the same time energy-saving and safe to use.

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UV printing / contour milling

UV printing / contour milling

Direct UV print on PVC board. Optical positioning, CNC contour milling.

UV printing on PVC plates is widely used in the advertising industry, e.g. in the production of spatial advertising media. Until recently, you had to print on self-adhesive film and then stick it to the plates. Currently, due to the possibility of printing on rigid substrates, this stage can usually be omitted. The saving of costs and time is obvious, which is of great importance in advertising. Elements made of printed PVC are insensitive to UV rays and mechanically resistant. They are also easy to machine, so that e.g. CNC milling into complex shapes is not a problem at all.


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CNC milling, UV print