printing on polycarbonate / CNC milling

Map made in UV printing technique with selective white underprint on transparent polycarbonate with non-flammability standard. Contour milling. Installation on distance pins. Printng on polycarbonate. White colour printing.




UV printing is a form of printing that uses ultraviolet light to cure ink. The heads distribute the ink on the surface of the material, and specially designed UV lamps follow them immediately, curing the ink. Because this happens very quickly, drops of wet ink do not spill over the surface, which allows you to preserve fine print details. This solution allows printing on polycarbonate, but also on other materials that do not absorb the ink, e.g. on glass, acrylic, metals, ceramics, etc.

Polycarbonate is a modern polymer plastic. Most often used in public places, it is an excellent replacement for glass. It is characterized by: lightness (2 times lighter than glass), transparency comparable to glass (up to 92% for 3 mm plates), 25 times higher impact resistance than glass, application temperature range from -40 to +120 °C, possible protection with an anti-UV layer, flame-retardant (flammability class B1), durability (warranty up to 10 years).

CNC milling expands the range of UV printing applications. The combined use of these technologies can make the visual effect unique.