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We are an printing house Poland. We are an advertising agency and advertising studio with an well-established position on the market. For many years we have been focusing on printing and all forms of visual communication and advertising.

printing Poland

We print digitally, offering unlimited print areas.

Print Poland. Printing house Poland.

The B52 printing house from Gdańsk, Poland has the greatest experience on the Gdańsk and Tri-City digital and large-format printing market. Printing Poland offers printing services on printing machines in the following technologies: solvent, eco-solvent and UV.
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Large format printing

We perform large-format solvent printing on a high-performance machine, on roll materials. Such print in Poland is an element of building the brand image. The printing is ideal for outdoor use. At B52 we print banners, meshes, print posters, billboards, photo wallpapers, flyers, self-adhesive films, stands, boards, rollups, flags, etc. Printing in Poland / In the printing house, we print in even the largest sizes. The print is extremely expressive and resistant to external conditions.
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High quality printing

Do you think about printing in the true resolution of 1440 dpi? the smoothest tonal gradients? eco printing? All these possibilities are offered by B52, the printing house Poland. Get to know the highest photographic quality printing. Extended colour space in 10-colour printing: printing consists in extending CMYK inks with light shades and orange colour, with the possibility of printing in white and metallic colours. This solution not only extends the colour space but also allows for more precise reproduction of spot colours, including PANTONE.
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UV printing

UV printing is direct printing on all roll materials and on rigid substrates. Thanks to the UV machine, the printing house can print on paper, cardboard, PVC, acrylic, other plastics, as well as on metals, composites, dibond, wood, MDF, fabrics, canvases, carpets, wallpapers, ceramics, glass and many other substrates. In the printing house, we use UV inks in CMYK plus white colour.
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drukarnia w Gdańsku usługi druku / printing house in Polen printing services / Druckerei in Polen Druckdienstleistungen

advertising Poland

B52 is not only a print shop Poland. Large format advertising on facades have been offered for many years in the Tri-City. Always in attractive locations.

Advertisements Poland. Advertising production Poland.

We make advertising. We construct, make and assemble all advertising media: advertising boards, billboards, citylights, information boards, building markings, visual identity systems, pictograms, totems, pylons, cubes etc.

Advertising signs. Advertising signboards.

We manufacture the entire spectrum of advertising, including sign forms for external and internal applications: from boards printed in our printing house Poland, through flat single letters or cut out signs glowing backwards, and ending with backlit channel letters or light boxes.
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Single letters. Channel letters.

Channel letters are one of the most spectacular and effective forms in business communication. Single letters fit perfectly in the design of the shop window, as well as placed on the roof or facade of the building. B52 is a manufacturer of illuminated advertising. Thanks to the use of energy-saving LEDs, the letters remain visible to customers around the clock, regardless of weather conditions.
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Advertising light boxes

Advertising light boxes are one of the most popular forms of advertising Poland. In addition to marketing purposes, they can also perform informational functions. We design and manufacture modern advertising light boxes For illumination we use branded LED modules. We make advertising light boxes: dibond light boxes, Plexiglas light boxes, light boxes with vinyl prints from our printing Poland and light boxes with textile prints, also from our printing house.
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reklama Gdańsk usługi reklamowe / advertising Poland advertising services / Werbung Polen Werbedienste

Modern CNC machining centre: high-speed spindle, trailed knife, oscillating knife, creasing wheel. We mill, cut and crease with CNC. Solid wood, plywood, MDF, HDF, HPL. We process cartons, cardboard, textile materials. We mill plastics: PVC, acrylic, polycarbonates, rubbers. With the help of a positioning camera, we mill the graphics printed in our printing house to the shape. Engrave with CNC: signs, coats of arms, address plates etc. We cut with CO2 laser plotter: ornaments, decorations, key rings, puzzles, pads, dies, plastic parts etc. We mark / engrave with CO2 laser plotter: packaging, nameplates, company materials, etc.
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The comprehensive advertising service includes: graphic design, construction designs, administrative documentation, putting up posters, films (boards, display cases, glass and plastic application), advertising Poland on vehicles and assembly at height.

our customers

We focus on customer satisfaction and always do our best to meet their expectations. Thousands of customers from many industries have trusted us. Artists, art galleries and museums value our professional advice and high quality printing. On the other hand, retail chains and galleries appreciate short delivery times and the possibility of installations at many points. Developers and construction companies, are satisfied with our efficiency in the selection of materials and efficient execution of orders. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, are happy to use our flexible prices and discount policy. Finally, our foreign clients praise our fast and efficient communication, which helps in the effective execution of remote orders.

selected reviews:

Great service, professional workmanship at the highest level.


The printing house worth recommending. High quality and friendly service. I recommend.


Quick and professional communication, fast and reliable delivery, price/quality good.


To sum up, there are various printing shops in Poland, but it is B52 that consistently develops its printing house and advertising studio Poland. Over twenty years of experience has allowed the company to build its authority. We have modern technologies, but also the necessary expertise and human resources. We are trustworthy and our clients are sure that we can perform the task entrusted to us carefully, on time and at a reasonable price. B52 is also advertising Poland. The advertising studio makes signs and signboards, single letters, advertising light boxes, but also advertising and information boards and pylons. Finally, B52 offers CNC / laser services. Advertising Poland. Advertising production Poland.