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Advertising sign / signboard should be understood as an advertising board or advertising device informing about the activity conducted on the property on which the advertising board or advertising device is located.

When more and more cities in Poland (including Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, forming the Polish Tri-City) introduce regulations regarding the possibility of placing advertisements in their area, signs Poland remain the element of visual communication that is subject to the least restrictions. For this reason, it is definitely worth to stand out with a well-designed and made, visually interesting sign.

Nowadays, the signboard is not only an element informing about running a business in a given place. It is worth remembering that thanks to its qualities it effectively strengthens the company’s image and significantly supports sales. Although online marketing is the leader in many industries today, support in the form of a traditional sign is even necessary. In this case, size does not matter. Sometimes you need a small but clearly visible advertising sign that informs customers about the company’s location.

Signs Poland. Advertising signs Poland. Advertising signboards Poland.

Initially, advertising signs in Poland were in the form of simple metal or wooden boards, but with technological progress, the possibilities expanded considerably. Signs Poland, signboards Poland are often illuminated, which, especially after dark, has a positive effect on the visibility of the shop, office, institution or service point.

Signs in Poland can, of course, take many forms. They can be a classic board, a lightbox, a semaphore, letters, or just a marking on the glass. According to the Gdańsk landscape resolution, even flags can be considered as a sign. Professional signs Poland, signboards Poland are important for several reasons. Firstly, advertising signs Poland combine an advertising and information function, and secondly, it is an investment for years.

Which sign to choose? Features of a good sign / signboard

An advertising sign is about an entrepreneur, so it’s better to avoid the most common mistakes made at the design stage. What kind? It is mainly about the temptation to put too much information on the medium, focusing on its size, and not on the idea, chaos in typography. Stuffing the sign or making it for savings from unsightly and unstable materials. Features of a good sign:

First: simplicity. The task of an advertising signs in Poland and more is quick identification, so you should focus on a simple message and symbols that make it easier to remember the message. Aesthetics and minimalism are important. The signboard, the bigger, the more visible. On the other hand, the days when entrepreneurs were racing against each other who would mount bigger, more colourful or more content-laden are gone.

Secondly: readability. At the design stage, it is worth ensuring that the ad format allows the message to be read also from a distance. This is a good time to think about adding light. The larger the characters, the greater the readability, but too much temptation in this regard can make the sign too flashy. Not to mention the legal limitations of the size of the signs, which may result from the landscape resolutions adopted by local governments.

Thirdly: creativity and the ability to go beyond the scheme are always worthwhile, especially when it is impossible to prepare a classic sign. This is the case, for example, when the company is based in an office building and cannot advertise itself in a classic form. An alternative to placing signs in glazing can be a business sign on a neat board or a collective pylon.

The context of the surroundings is also important for choosing the style of the signs Poland: what is the style of this and the neighbouring buildings? What forms of signage presentation are predominant in the immediate vicinity?

B52 is a sign manufacturer from Gdansk, Poland. We produce the entire spectrum of signboard forms for external and internal applications: from simple boards printed in UV technology, through flat letters without a background or cut out signs glowing backwards (the so-called halo effect), and ending with illuminated single letters or light boxes. Importantly, in connection with the Gdańsk landscape resolution we tested and implemented a technology that allows you to make an illuminated signboard that meets the stringent requirements of signboard thickness up to 3 cm.

Contact our representative. We accept individual orders for advertising signs Poland. Dimensions, designs, shapes – we are able to adapt almost every parameter of the final product to your expectations. We also design advertising signs from scratch. We guarantee that our ideas and suggestions will make an impression not only on you, but above all on people from your target group. A good advertising sign will immediately evoke specific associations, building a professional image. The trust gained in this way will significantly facilitate the establishment and continuation of business relationships.

The illuminated advertising signs Poland are currently becoming more and more fashionable. This form of outdoor advertising is very effective because it allows you to draw attention to the premises from a distance, even after dark. The illuminated signs Poland can consist of single letters or be made in the form of a light box.

Channel letters are one of the most attractive and efficient forms of business communication. Appropriately designed backlit letters are credible for the recipient and add prestige and originality to the investment. They are perfect both in the space of the shop window, as well as on the facade or on the roof of the building. B52 is a producer of signs Poland, advertising signs Poland in the form of single letters, a producer of backlit advertising.

Backlit letters are the most prestigious variety of letters. Thanks to the use of LED technology, they guarantee that a potential customer will be able to see the advertisement at any time of the day, in any weather.

We make advertising light boxes of dibond, Plexiglas light boxes, light boxes on aluminium frames, light boxes with stretched faces, light boxes with PVC faces, light boxes with textile prints. Illuminated boxes made of dibond are the most popular form of advertising of this type. They will work when we want to highlight milled (cut-out) characters only with an unlit background. If the panel should glow with its entire face, then the front of the panel is made of Plexiglas. It can also take the form of a semaphore and have any shape.

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B52 is a leader among producers of illuminated signs and signboards. Our strengths are a wide machine park that ensures no need to use subcontracting, over 20 years of experience in the advertising market and a good team of professionals. At the request of our clients, we are able to implement almost any, even the most complex project of illuminated advertising. Signs Poland. Signboards Poland. Signs in Poland. Advertising signs in Poland.

Advertising sign is not only meant to be outdoor. In many office buildings and common spaces, internal signage leading to a specific premises is needed. Such advertising signs Poland can be made of other materials, for example styrodur. In this way, we will decorate the interior of the office, especially the reception, which is, after all, a kind of showcase of the company. Very easy to apply, coloured self-adhesive letters cut to order are a permanent element of interior design in hotels, restaurants or large halls.

The modern advertising market is quite diverse in terms of quality and prices. Effective visual advertising requires appropriate amount of work. Our primary goal is the end result. Investing in signs Poland is not a short-term campaign. In the end, what matters is the quality and effect of the sign. Therefore, if you are interested in professionally made signs Poland, signboards Poland, please contact us!

Signs Poland. Advertising signs Poland. Advertising signboards Poland.


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