POS materials

POS (Point of Sale) materials are marketing tools used at points of sale, aimed at attracting customer attention and increasing product sales. The most popular POS materials are:

  • advertising stands – stands that allow you to display products and promote them in the shop;
  • displays – through their interesting form, they focus the attention of customers on the product;
  • posters – graphics and advertising texts, placed on walls and shop windows;
  • wall prints – large-format graphics placed in carriers, in a backlit or non-backlit version;
  • wobblers – elements placed on the shelf with the product, which attract the customer’s attention and encourage the purchase;
  • stickers – special stickers with graphics and advertising information, placed on product packaging or on the shelves themselves.

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We design and manufacture POS materials Poland that effectively support the sales process. Unique, for individual orders: from ecological materials (e.g. from cardboard, wood) and from plastics (e.g. from transparent Plexiglas). We offer stands and displays, shelves, display cases, shades and dispensers.

We incorporate light boxes with textile or vinyl prints. Tailored to the customer’s location and requirements. Depending on the size and thickness of the medium, we use panel or edge LED backlight. We designed and implemented an edge-powered panel that illuminates signboards and light boxes, thanks to which we offer the possibility of making very slim and aesthetic media.

In addition to the above, folding walls with textile printing and pull-out carriers, so-called roll-up, are still popular.

Our POS materials Poland are functional and aesthetic. Thanks to their advantages, they effectively support the sales process. Using a wide range of materials, various printing technologies and tools in the advertising studio, we are able to effectively distinguish brands where they need it most