indoor / instore advertising

Indoor or instore advertising is a type of advertising that targets customers inside a shop or other enclosed facility. It can be an advertisement on walls, shop windows, screens, posters, leaflets or other promotional materials. This advertisement is intended to encourage customers to buy products or services offered by a given company by presenting them in an attractive and eye-catching way. In this way, indoor / instore advertising helps to increase sales and promote the brand among customers located inside the facility.

Our offer includes visual communication solutions for interiors, in particular for commercial and service premises as well as public places.

Indoor advertising Poland. Instore advertising Poland. Branding Poland.

We arrange shop windows and interiors: we print / cut, we apply advertising on glazing. A comprehensive offer – from creation, through arrangements in the field of materials and technology, to implementation and assembly. An experienced team of consultants, knowledge of available solutions, as well as modern technical facilities make us able to implement even the most unconventional visions of our clients. We print and stick photo wallpapers (many types on offer) that form the background of the exhibition. We print on rigid materials. We make aesthetic and secure illuminated light box media, to which we print content on textile materials. We make advertising stands, displays. Finally, we design and make all kinds of decorative elements, thematically referring to the exhibition theme, as well as other decorations that are interesting and inexpensive reference to the image of the place.

We make visual identification systems and branding in the form of counters, cash registers, luminous letters as well as information and advertising carriers. Of course, also internal signs, in any form and completely based on our own technological facilities.

We also make and stick graphics placed on temporary walls built during the renovation of the premises.