UV printing

What is UV printing about?

UV printing Poland is direct printing on all materials, including rigid plastics. This is one of the technologies available in digital printing. It consists in applying a thin layer of ink to virtually any material, which is then polymerized using ultraviolet rays.

UV-curable inks form a thin, weather-resistant polymer layer on the substrate. Such printing does not require lamination to protect against mechanical damage.

This printing method faithfully reproduces the image and ensures high colour quality. The colours are permanent, bright and do not fade at all. The printing allows you to apply inks on virtually any surface. We can easily print entire boards with a width of 2.05 m and practically any length.

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UV printing Poland


What can you print on with the UV method?

UV printing machines allow you to print on (almost) anything because the ink is instantly cured by UV lamps. UV inks do not etch or bite into substrates, which means you can print on delicate substrates. The UV LED lamps are cool, so you can print on heat-sensitive substrates.

So what can you print on with the UV technique? Thanks to our machine, we can print on paper, cardboard, films, wallpapers, PVC, Plexiglas / acrylic, polycarbonate, PET, HIPS, other plastics, metals, aluminium composites / dibond, steel sheets, wood, plywood, MDF, banners, fabrics, canvases, carpets, leather, ceramics, stone… Moreover, thanks to the possibility of using a primer, you can order printing on an even wider range of materials, including glass and finely glazed ceramics. On roll or rigid materials. Big or small format. Really, everything.

We print on transparent materials from the front or back. Elements intended for illumination are printed in a special mode ensuring the best colour saturation and contrast. We use CMYK inks and white colour.

Application of UV printing

The most exciting thing about UV printing is the flexibility of the technology and the creative potential it offers. Like any digital printing, UV technology responds to the current trend of growing demand for the individualisation of products and promotional materials.

UV printing Poland offers so much potential for custom applications that it would be impossible to demonstrate them all. Please contact us if you would like to place your printout on something truly unusual. Or something very ordinary. To be sure, we can always make a printing test on request.

Printing on plates. Printing on PVC Poland. Printing on PVC boards. Printing on Plexiglas Poland. Printing on acrylic Poland. Printing on glass Poland. Printing on wood Poland. Printing on plywood Poland.

The most common applications of UV printing: architecture, interior finishing, decorating, signage, visual communication (boards, signs, cubes, stands, displays), gadgets, packaging.

Printing on PVC sheets or on aluminium composites / dibond is commonly used in the advertising industry, e.g. in the production of spatial advertising media. Until recently, you had to print on self-adhesive film, and then stick this film on plates. Currently, thanks to the possibility of printing on rigid substrates, this stage can most often be omitted. Cost and time savings are obvious, which is of utmost importance in advertising.

No harmful vapours are released during the printing process and shortly after. For this reason, prints prepared with the UV method can be used in interiors – in offices, apartments, hotels or restaurants.

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Summary of the advantages of UV printing

A very wide range of UV printing materials. This versatility even encourages experimenting and searching for new materials for printing.

While maintaining the quality, UV printing Poland is characterised by higher durability than other types of printing.

Mechanical resistance. Water and moisture resistant. Resistance to colour fading from the sun measured in decades.

The most common applications of UV printing: architecture, interior finishing, decorating, signage, outdoor and indoor advertising, gadgets, packaging.

Thanks to UV curing, prints made with the UV technique are immediately ready for use. It is not necessary to dry or heat the prints.

Print quality comparable to reproductions made in eco-solvent technology.

The CMYK space in the UV printer has been expanded to include white. Thanks to this, we offer the best results in printing on substrates that require the use of a white base, in projects with a white separator or creatively in printing white graphics.

Direct printing on many materials up to 5 cm thick, 205 cm wide and unlimited in length.


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