CNC milling / cutting / engraving / laser

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B52 puts a modern CNC machining center at your disposal: high-speed spindle, trailed knife, oscillating knife, creasing wheel. High precision machining. Working format 310×210 cm, material stabilization by vacuum pump.

Mill, cut and crease any shape with CNC. Create reliefs, furniture fronts, wall panels, furniture, and unusual elements from wood and wood-based materials. Solid wood, plywood, MDF, HDF, HPL. Process cartons and cardboard, giving them spatial shapes (individual packaging, stands, displays, other POS materials, decorations). Cut textile materials. Work in plastics: PVC, Plexiglas, polycarbonates, rubbers. Also mill non-ferrous metals (oil mist). Engrave with CNC: company signs, dibond boxes, coats of arms, medals, address plates, 3D letters, etc.

Cut with CO2 laser plotter: handles, key rings, puzzles, decorations, pads, ornaments, dies, plastic parts etc. Mark / engrave with CO2 laser plotter: packaging, nameplates, gadgets, company materials, etc.

The digital material processing service gives you the opportunity to get a unique product. We offer help in the design of file preparation to be able to use all the possibilities of our machines.



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