In connection with the entry into force of the landscape resolution for the city of Gdansk, we would like to inform you that there is a need to adapt the signboards and other advertising boards and devices to its provisions. We have an extensive machine park and the necessary know-how to help in this endeavor. We are constantly introducing technical innovations to make our solutions modern, aesthetic, unconventional, distinctive, and at the same time energy-saving and safe to use.

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Promoting environmentally friendly solutions is not just trendy. It is a moral duty. At B52, we attach great importance to ecology and gradually implement solutions that support environmental protection.

GSX inks:

Eco-friendly GSX inks are odourless. They do not contain nickel, so they are safe for health and the environment. They were marked with “Nordic EcoLabel” (Nordic Swan). Printouts based on these inks show resistance to UV rays. They can be used even where strict sanitary requirements are expected, e.g. in kindergarten rooms or in gastronomy.

Solvent inks:

The solvent printing technology is based on the use of solvent-based inks, which makes the print mechanically durable and resistant to UV rays. The material printed in this way will survive in very good condition several years of exposure. However, this durability could have a large environmental footprint. Acting responsibly, we changed the type of inks used. Since 2012, we have not used in the production any inks containing chemically aggressive cyclohexanol.

Pro-ecological banner material:

We offer a very lightweight (140 g/sq m only) and a very strong banner for digital printing. Unlike the classic frontlit PVC material, it is made of polyethylene (PE). The chemical composition has been confirmed by REACH declaration. This means that this material is easily recyclable.

Recycled PVC sandwich panels:

We offer printing on rigid and durable sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are a combination of an extremely durable solid PVC surface with the properties of a foamed PVC core, entirely recycled. Core share in panel weight: 80%. Thanks to this structure, we get an ultra-smooth surface and easy processing: the panels can be milled and bent just like aluminium composite panels. Good mechanical durability and excellent chemical resistance. Examples of use: internal signage, trade fair stands, advertising stands, POS materials, etc.