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We live in a dynamic environment, in a culture highly focused on visual message. In a rapidly changing reality, large format prints are the basic tool for effective visual communication. Well designed, aesthetically printed and properly installed banners, meshes, posters, foil stickers, prints on textile materials not only do not disfigure the space, but, on the contrary, are a good complement to it and can harmonize with neighboring tissue. And they are memorable.

As the old Chinese sentence reminds, one picture is worth a thousand words. And even if this sentence is actually taken from T. Flanders’ 1911 advertising publication (“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”), nothing detracts from its meaning.

We are printing Poland. B52 printing house based in Gdansk, Poland, has the greatest experience in the Gdansk and Tri-city large format printing market. Printing Poland has machines with various characteristics, in solvent, eco solvent and UV technology. We digitally print up to 1440 dpi, offering unlimited printing surfaces. We have a large-format CMYK printing machine with high efficiency (very short delivery times); 10-colour machine for print quality for the most demanding customers and a UV hybrid machine for printing on roll materials and rigid substrates.

Print Poland. Printing Poland. Printing house Poland.

Printing on roll materials is a perfect complement to the interior of shop windows and commercial spaces. Such print in Poland is also an essential element of brand communication. We make, among others, flyers, posters, hangers. This type of material is also ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns. We print on a wide range of materials. We have a modern machine park, which ensures independence from subcontractors and allows us to offer comprehensive services at the highest European level.

At B52 we print banners (reinforced laminated, coated, backlight, blackout / blockout), meshes, posters (billboards, citylights, photo wallpapers and others), printed self-adhesive films (white, transparent, perforated / one way vision, easily removable / easy dot, monomeric, polymeric, cast, contour cut stickers, etc.), magnetic foils, stands, boards, roll-up media, flags, etc. In the printing shop, we print images in unlimited formats. Graphics consisting of several panels are combined into mega surfaces. Wide selection of materials and appropriate technology makes the print Poland extremely expressive, resistant to external factors. The print retains its properties for a really long time.

If you want to create and then print the highest quality images, you always want to be sure that the reproductions will meet your highest expectations. You think: printing in the highest, true resolution of 1440 dpi? ultra-smooth tonal gradients that make the resolution seem even higher? or maybe even special colours? odourless and ecological printing? We offer all these options on the B52, the printing house Poland. Check and see that the highest quality can be available at a reasonable price. Get to know the printing in Poland from our 10-colour machine.

Extended colour gamut in 10-colour printing: Printing is based on extending the C+M+Y+K ink set with lc+lm+gy/lk light shades and orange (Or), in combination with white (Wh) and metallic (Ms). This solution not only significantly extends the reproductive colour space (gamut), but also gives the possibility of more accurate reproduction of spot colours (including PANTONE), bypassing their conversion to CMYK colours. Natural skin colours in 10-colour printing: The ink system in the configuration with light shades (lc+lm+gy/lk) and orange (Or) gives new possibilities in the accurate reproduction of natural colours of human skin. Perfect shades of gray in 10-colour printing: By printing with light shades of inks (lc, lm), and in particular by using gray ink (gy/lk), it is possible to achieve flat colours and smooth tonal transitions not available in competitive ecosolvent and latex solutions. Print Poland. Printing Poland. Printing house Poland.

UV printing machines allow you to print on (almost) anything because the ink is instantly cured by UV lamps. UV inks do not etch or bite into substrates, which means you can print on delicate substrates. The UV LED lamps are cool, so you can print on heat-sensitive substrates.

In our printing house Poland we print on many substrates. We can print on paper, cardboard, PVC, Plexiglas / acrylic, polycarbonate, PET, HIPS, other plastics, metals, aluminium composites / dibond, steel sheets, wood, MDF, banners, fabrics, canvases, carpets, wallpapers, leather, ceramics, stone… Moreover, thanks to the possibility of using a primer, you can order printing on an even wider range of materials, including glass and finely glazed ceramics. On roll or rigid materials. Big or small format. Really, everything.

In the printing house, we use UV inks in the CMYK colour space and in white colour. Print Poland. Printing Poland. Printing house Poland.

The most exciting thing about UV printing is the flexibility of the technology and the creative potential it offers. Like any digital printing, UV technology responds to the current trend of growing demand for the individualisation of products and promotional materials.

To sum up, B52 has the most experience on the Tri-City large format printing market. There are various printing shops in Poland, but it is B52 that consistently develops its printing Poland and advertising studio. We have modern technologies at our disposal to implement even the most ambitious projects. Our facilities are the technological park of machines, but also the necessary knowledge and human resources to transform these possibilities into customer satisfaction. So we have full control over the entire process of order fulfillment, and our clients are sure that we can perform the task entrusted to us carefully, on time and at a reasonable price. Print Poland. Printing Poland. Printing house Poland.

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