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Eco-solvent printing?

Eco-solvent, as the name suggests, unlike hard solvent, is harmless to health and the environment. Its additional advantage is the lack of an irritating smell, which is a characteristic feature of a hard solvent. It does not contain toxic solvents, and its formulation is usually based on lactic acid or alcohols, so there is no need for air extraction in printers that use it. In addition to numerous advantages, this ink also has its disadvantages, i.e. lower resistance to external conditions (UV radiation, water) and mechanical damage (estimated durability up to 2 years) and a higher price. Eco-solvent prints always print with a resolution above 1000 dpi, often in a wider colour space, and the overall print quality is equal to the photographic quality.

If you want to create and then print the highest quality images, you always want to be sure that the reproductions will meet your highest expectations. You think: printing in the highest, true resolution of 1440 dpi? ultra-smooth tonal gradients that make the resolution seem even higher? or maybe even special colours? odourless and ecological printing? We offer all these options on the B52. Check and see that the highest quality can be available at a reasonable price. Get to know the digital printing Poland from our 10-colour machine.

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Printing in highest resolution

Highest photographic quality printing. For the most demanding customers: the recipients of the service are most often artists, architects and institutions of culture and art. From the available palette of materials, the most important are: papers up to 220 g/sq m in gloss or matte finish, canvas, photo wallpapers, films.

Extended colour space in 10-colour digital printing: Printing is based on extending the C+M+Y+K ink set with lc+lm+gy/lk light shades and orange (Or), in combination with white (Wh) and metallic (Ms). This solution not only significantly extends the reproductive colour space (gamut), but also gives the possibility of more accurate reproduction of spot colours (including PANTONE), bypassing their conversion to CMYK colours. All this allows the implementation of low-cost orders in colour configurations, until recently available only in pigment and offset technologies.

Natural skin colours in 10-colour digital printing: The ink system in the configuration with light shades (lc+lm+gy/lk) and orange (Or) gives new possibilities in the accurate reproduction of natural colours of human skin. Exemplary quality in portrait photography reproduction.

Perfect shades of gray in 10-colour digital printing: By printing with light shades of inks (lc, lm), and in particular by using gray ink (gy/lk), it is possible to achieve flat colours and smooth tonal transitions not available in competitive ecosolvent and latex solutions.

Digital printing Poland with metallic colours and cutting along the contour: the ability to print with a metallic colour palette (Ms+colour) allows you to enter completely new areas of visual communication. Drawing on this technology is limited only by the creativity of the graphic designer, but the most common applications of this type can be found in decorating, interior design, as well as in visual identification systems and more widely in company materials as accent elements. Plotter cutting along the print outline or other specified path finds application in film wrapping of windows, vehicles or in the production of self-adhesive stickers.

Exposure of prints based on GSX inks: Eco-friendly GSX inks are odourless. They do not contain nickel, so they are safe for health and the environment. They were marked with “Nordic EcoLabel” (Nordic Swan). Printouts based on these inks show resistance to UV rays. They can be used even where strict sanitary requirements are expected, e.g. in kindergarten rooms or in gastronomy.

druk cyfrowy w najwyższej rozdzielczości / digital printing in highest resolution / Digitaldruck in höchster Auflösung

Unlike latex printing, the solution based on GSX inks is also ecological due to the low energy consumption. This, combined with the wider variety of substrates available with this technology, lowers printing costs. On the other hand, the prints from the pigment plotter are only suitable for indoor exhibitions, unless they are additionally secured with a laminate.


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