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Why solvent printing?

Solvent printing is a large format printing technique using a large format inkjet plotter. In this method, traditional aqueous ink has been replaced by pigment solvent ink, which is obtained on the basis of organic solvents. This is one of the most popular large format printing techniques which allows printing in virtually unlimited sizes. Thanks to the solvent, the ink is etched into the surface and then evaporates, leaving a durable colour coating, which in practice allows printing on a really wide range of media.

Thanks to the availability of technology and a wide range of applications, it is currently the most popular technology in large format printing Poland.

printing house advertising Poland solvent printing scheme

Large format printing Poland is resistant to atmospheric factors, including UV radiation. We divide the solvent printing technology due to the ink used for it. Depending on the amount of solvent contained in the ink base and durability of the printout, it is divided into:

Hard solvent, which is the strongest of all solvents. It may contain harmful cyclohexanol, but it is also the most durable among solvent inks. Its durability is estimated at about 3-5 years. However, such durability can have a large environmental footprint. Acting responsibly, at B52 we have changed the type of inks used. Since 2012, we have not used in the production of inks containing chemically aggressive cyclohexanol.

The advantages of this type of printing include no need to laminate prints. In addition, it is resistant to discolouration, water and abrasion. Solvent prints usually have a resolution of 360 dpi.

Eco solvent, as the name suggests, in contrast to hard solvent, is harmless to health and the environment. Its additional advantage is the lack of an irritating smell, which is a characteristic feature of a hard solvent. It does not contain toxic solvents and is usually based on lactic acid or alcohols, so there is no need for air extraction in printers that use it. In addition to numerous advantages, this ink also has its disadvantages, i.e. lower resistance to external conditions (UV radiation, water) and mechanical damage (estimated durability up to 2 years), the need for lamination in demanding applications and a higher price. Eco-solvent prints always print with a resolution above 1000 dpi, often in a wider colour gamut, and the overall print quality is equal to the photographic quality.

Large format printing Poland

B52 has the greatest experience in the Tri-city large format printing market. We have machines with various characteristics, in solvent, eco solvent and UV technology.

For outdoor applications, we use a machine equipped with a modern set of efficient and precise heads. This allows the reproduction of details so small that it is difficult to even see them. Thanks to the use of 8 print heads, we gain double speed and are able to print a total of up to 300 sq m of substrate per hour, which significantly increases our efficiency and shortens order delivery times.

Large format printing offer

We perform solvent large format printing Poland on roll materials. Dedicated prints in the appropriate shape and format applied to various types of substrates support the brand’s exposure. Printing on roll materials is a perfect complement to the interior of shop windows and commercial spaces. It is also an essential element of brand communication. We make, among others, flyers, posters, hangers. This type of material is also ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns. We print on a wide range of materials. We have a modern machine park, which ensures independence from subcontractors and allows us to offer comprehensive services at the highest European level.

We produce banners (reinforced laminated, coated, backlight, blackout / blockout), meshes, posters (billboards, citylights, photo wallpapers and others), printed self-adhesive films (white, transparent, perforated / one way vision, easily removable / easy dot, monomeric, polymeric, cast, contour cut stickers, etc.), magnetic foils, stands, boards, roll-up media, flags, etc. We print images in unlimited formats. Graphics consisting of several panels are combined into mega surfaces. Wide selection of materials and appropriate technology makes the print extremely expressive, resistant to external factors. The print retains its properties for a really long time.

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Summary of the advantages of large format printing

A wide range of roll materials. The lowest printing and substrate costs.

Large format printing means several years of printing durability without lamination. Sufficient to carry out even long advertising campaigns,

Mechanical resistance. Water and moisture resistant. Resistant to fading from the sun.

The most common applications of solvent printing are advertising, mainly outdoor advertising.

In theory the lowest resolution, in practice very good print quality and stability, consistent with the exposure conditions.

Due to the production type of the machine, it is possible to complete even large orders in a short time.

Thanks to the possibility of thermal bonding, only imagination can limit the size of the print.


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