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Creating advertising is our passion. This is not an empty phrase. After over twenty years of activity, we still enjoy it.

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Welcome to B52. We are a printing house, advertising agency and studio with an well-established position on the market. We focus on all forms of visual communication and advertising.


B52 has been associated with the large-format printing industry for many years. Indeed, we started the adventure with large-format printing over 25 years ago, when the Agencja Promocji i Reklamy B52 launched a printing studio, providing clients with, one of the first in Poland and the first in Tri-City, a modern NUR printing machine with a print width of 5 m.

We have been operating under the current brand since 2001.

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Digital printing technology is growing rapidly. Following the needs of our clients, we are constantly looking for new solutions. This process is ongoing. Thanks to this, as the most experienced company on the Tri-City large format printing market, we were able to take a certain distance around the topic and focus on the most important, i.e. on satisfying the needs of our clients. We have the satisfaction of witnessing the development of our clients. This is a double satisfaction, because thanks to the successes of our clients, we can develop as well.

Advertising agency Poland. Printing house and advertising production Poland.

B52 started as an advertising agency, large-format printing house and outdoor advertising broker. At that time, we were the operator of many large-format advertising boards, not only in the Tri-City. Our large-format printing studio focused then mainly on meeting the needs of customers in the field of outdoor advertising. In the next step, we expanded the workshop with a simple machine for eco-solvent printing. Along with the technological progress, the advertising agency Poland developed its resources. Subsequent machines enabled printing in ever greater widths and faster speeds. Seeing a change in the trend in the development of outdoor advertising, we decided to enter the interior printing segment, including UV printing. We have also developed an advertising studio, promoting the production of boards, signs, single letters and signage of all purposes. To keep up with the growing volume of orders, we have increased the size of the human team. As a consequence, we now offer our clients a much broader, comprehensive offer as advertising agency Poland, printing house and advertising manufacturer Poland. We consistently strengthen the company’s position through continuous investment in technologies, machine park and development of the human team. Furthermore, we follow trends and propose our own visual communication solutions. We come up with an idea and successfully implement it.

What sets us apart from others is many technologies concentrated under one roof. Our advertising agency is able to advise a solution that will be simply the best for the client, not one that we would be able to create with only one type of machine.

As an advertising agency Poland, we still focus on creative work. We design logotypes based on the client’s guidelines and maintaining today’s standards in visual communication: style adapted to the industry, target group, appropriate colours and typography. We design graphics for printing. We are a printing house that carries out printing orders from 1 piece. We are an advertising studio. We carry out orders for the construction of advertising signs, boards, pylons and much more. From design, through production, to assembly. We have our own machine facilities. We use only branded components in production.

Would you like a good and effective advertisement? Are you looking for advertising agency Poland that will help you use your potential? You’ve come to the right place!

Our experience is demonstrated by over twenty years of activity in the industry. Thanks to working with many clients from various industries and implementing very diverse projects in the field of printing and advertising, we were able to gain valuable expertise. Thanks to the growing position on the market and recognition among a growing group of recipients, B52 gained more and more authority. Finally, the trustworthiness of the company is evidenced by the trust our customers place in us. This is confirmed by very good reviews that our customers give us.

To sum up, our facilities are probably the widest technological park of machines in the Tri-City, but also the necessary knowledge and human resources. These three pillars help us to convert our work into customer satisfaction. Based on the experience gained on the market, we are able to offer our clients a service that will be distinguished by its form and quality of workmanship, but also by short execution time. We are happy to face difficult and unconventional tasks.

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