Display: UV printing with white underprint on transparent Plexiglas, CNC milling and thermoforming. POS material, so-called display, acts as a presenter. #Printing on acrylic Poland. #Laser cutting Poland. #Acrylic cutting Poland. #Displays Poland. #Advertising producer Poland.




Plexiglas stands and displays are advertising forms that are designed to interest a potential buyer by presenting a promoted product or product line.

They are distinguished by one goal, and at the same time by a wealth of forms. Depending on the customer’s needs, they have a direct UV print or in the form of stickers printed on various types of films. The marking can also be made in the engraving technique. UV printing on Plexiglas and other transparent substrates is also an opportunity to use the possibilities of printing in white, which extends the range of creative possibilities. It is worth mentioning here that digital printing technology, including UV, ensures profitability of printing even in individual outlays.

Display and stand media are typically individual POS materials, but they can still be categorized. Small displays are presented on counters, tables and directly at small products. Large displays and stands are grouped around larger products, as well as in other important places at the retail or service premises.