event visuals

Metamorphosis of the sports hall / championship visuals: large-format printing of banners with mounting on the edges of the grandstands; large-format printing of banners with Velcro with mounting on the rink bands; covering the walls with graphics; large-format printing on PVC-meshes with assembly on the grandstand; construction of banner walls and fences in the ice rink space and in corridors; producing media walls; making awards pedestals of bent dibond; film wrapping on the podium; graphics in the video replay room; graphics at a commentators’ stand; printing of boards; printing of badges. Large-format printing, UV printing on PVC boards. Full service.


Event visuals.

The wide machinery park of the studio, in conjunction with the commited team, enables us to implement even logistically difficult projects in a short time. In such situations, everything must be printed and installed on time, despite frequent last-minute changes. This is a challenge that not everyone can cope with.

Visuals of the conferences / exhibitions / concerts / matches.

See also: visual identity of the sporting event