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The highest quality printing on 220 g / sq m paper or cardboard. Printing using a 10-colour or a UV machine. Laser- or CNC- contour cutting.




Personalised materials – they build better brand recognition among customers.

Bottle hangers are an ideal solution for companies dealing in the production of alcohol or other types of beverages – especially in glass bottles. Are you the owner of a restaurant that offers its own, corporate, long-term wine? By using this product, your wine cellar will be neat and tidy, and the bottles will be presented to your customers in a very professional way. Hangers are also a perfect place to put interesting graphics, manufacturer’s signage, prices or restaurant logo.

Hotel tags for a door handle are, next to a hotel card case, a practical image element of every hotel, hostel or guesthouse. They can be printed on one or both sides. Properly matched shape allows easy hanging on door handles or knobs. Thicker paper or plastic means that they can be used many times. This type of solutions is used not only by hotel facilities, but also by entities from other industries that want to make their offer more attractive with an additional advertising gadget.

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