installation of Christmas decorations

At the request of our clients, mainly managers of shopping centres, but also companies and offices, we performed comprehensive installation of Christmas decorations. Using basket lifts, as well as the climbing method, our team assembled huge Christmas trees, LED curtains, garlands and suspended decorations, such as baubles and snowflakes.



The pre-holiday season is a magical time. Famous Christmas hits often resound in shops and shopping centres, and the shelves are full of goods. Christmas decorations in the common space of the gallery certainly add atmosphere and contribute to building the image of the shopping centre.

City authorities also think about decorations. Beautifully decorated office buildings or city streets for the holidays testify to its host: they show the care for the inhabitants, the city’s image, and they can encourage the owners of local shops and building administrators to join in the preparation of decorations.

Since the assembly of Christmas decorations is ordered in one period, it is worth preparing for such an order in advance and booking the crew’s time.

Installation of Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations in shopping centres. Christmas decorations in offices. Christmas decorations on buildings.