CNC wood milling

Service: CNC wood milling / milling in wood. We create reliefs, furniture fronts, wall panels, furniture and unusual elements from wood and wood-based materials. We process solid wood, plywood, MDF, HDF, HPL and others. The most common service recipients are carpentry workshops (custom-made furniture) and individual recipients (furniture, decorations, etc.).

CNC wood milling Poland. CNC milling in wood Poland. Wood milling. Plywood milling.

Nowadays, milling in wood is one of the basic methods of wood processing. It turns out that the various types of wooden objects that surround us were very often milled during production. Thanks to wood milling, we can obtain various grooves, channels, teeth, planes and shaped surfaces. Wood milling machines are often called modern chisels because they actually do the job. However, these devices are much more efficient, because with their help we can process wood several times faster and practically without effort.

CNC wood milling Poland, CNC milling in wood Poland, but also in plywood, MDF boards, furniture boards and furniture fronts is a modern and effective method of processing all kinds of materials. Perfect for working with wood, plywood and other wood-based materials. At B52, we have innovative devices that enable very precise work. CNC services Poland offered by our company include: milling, cutting, as well as MDF processing. We have technologically advanced equipment – a modern CNC plotter / CNC machining centre with a working area of ​​2100×3100 mm. The very large working area of ​​the device allows us to offer our clients processing of most sizes of plates available on the market. What’s more, thanks to the use of a plotter with a large working area, we operate much faster than the competition, the need to connect large elements is practically completely eliminated. All you need to do is enter the data into the computer control panel and you can start precise CNC milling of wood, plywood or other material. Wood milling Poland. Plywood milling Poland.

We offer maximum use of the processed material. The use of modern nesting software gives us a huge range of possibilities. We can create even the most complex elements without any major problems.

Thanks to the custom-made cutting services we offer, we are able to create very decorative furniture fronts Poland. We also offer plywood milling. This is one of the most popular methods of cutting curved shapes. Thanks to specialised equipment, the entire milling process is not only more precise, but also much faster and simpler than in the case of other methods of material processing.

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frezowanie CNC drewna frezowanie CNC w drewnie sklejce sklejki / CNC wood milling CNC milling in wood plywood / CNC Fräsen in Holz Sperrholz Holzfräsen Sperrholzfräsen