highiest quality poster printing

Art project: printing posters from a 10-colour machine in the best mode. Quality for the most demanding customers. Medium: 220 g/sq m matte photo paper. More at: http://www.evelynarts.co.uk/stitched-stories/




Poster printing Poland.

Extended colour space in 10-colour printing: poster printing Poland is based on extending the C+M+Y+K ink set with lc+lm+gy/lk light shades and orange (Or), in combination with white (Wh) and metallic (Ms). This solution not only significantly extends the reproductive colour space (gamut), but also gives the possibility of more accurate reproduction of spot colours (including PANTONE), bypassing their conversion to CMYK colours.

Natural skin colours in 10-colour printing: The ink system in the configuration with light shades (lc+lm+gy/lk) and orange (Or) gives new possibilities in the accurate reproduction of natural colours of human skin. Exemplary quality in portrait photography reproduction.

Perfect shades of gray in 10-colour printing: By printing with light shades of inks (lc, lm), and in particular by using gray ink (gy/lk), it is possible in poster printing to achieve flat colours and smooth tonal transitions not available in competitive ecosolvent and latex solutions.

The ecological inks of a 10-colour machine are odourless. They do not contain nickel, so they are safe for health and the environment. They were marked with “Nordic EcoLabel” (Nordic Swan). Printouts based on these inks, including poster printing, show resistance to UV rays. They can be used even where strict sanitary requirements are expected. Poster printing Poland.


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