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The advertising pylon is made of milled dibond material and information from plotter cut film. Foundation and installation.

Advertising pylons Poland. Advertising totems Poland.

Advertising pylon (also advertising totem) is a prestigious form of advertising medium or directional board. Advertising pylons Polen or advertising totems Polen are carriers that can be several, a dozen or even several dozen meters high, thanks to which they are perfectly visible even from a long distance. An additional element of the pylons can be illuminated three-dimensional motifs integrated into the housing.

Advertising pylons are a popular form of outdoor advertising, which can often be seen in city centres, but especially in places where the pylon will be clearly visible, i.e. in open areas and at entrances to companies or on the outskirts of cities. An advertising pylon is a tall pole or structure on which letters, logos or other graphic elements are placed.

If an advertising pylon is placed in front of the company’s headquarters or a shop, it is sometimes called a welcoming advertising pylon. Welcoming advertising pylons Poland are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, such as metals, composites, plastics or even wood. They can also be illuminated or equipped with movable elements, which additionally attracts the attention of passers-by.

Free-standing advertisements are one of the main elements of the company’s visual identity system. Like signs / signboards, they perform an information and advertising function. They emphasize prestige with their form and dignity, they are a kind of showcase of the company.

The attractiveness of a particular company’s offer may be of little importance if the company’s headquarters or other access points are difficult to find. That’s why advertising pylons and advertising totems play a key role, making it easier to identify and find these places. Their large surface allows you to place a variety of content, which makes them a versatile advertising tool, especially due to the minimal space required.

Our advertising pylons Poland and advertising totems Poland have a wide range of applications. They are perfect as directional signs that make it easier to find service points, they act as typical visual advertisements and serve as information carriers. Their impressive sizes make them very comfortable for guests or users of a specific facility. For this reason, they can also be used indoors, in smaller sizes adapted to the circumstances, directing people to appropriate departments or parts of buildings, as well as promoting the company’s offer.

In the production of advertising pylons, we rely on high-quality materials. The main materials we use in their production are dibond composite and powder coated aluminium, which significantly increases their durability. It is complemented by graphics made of Plexiglas, PVC film or UV printing. When producing pylons, we always select technical solutions individually to the client’s needs and the place of assembly. It is possible to make one or two-sided pylons, also illuminated from the inside, with printed graphics, cut from foil or in the form of 3D channel letters. The structure is usually a steel or aluminium frame, protected against corrosion. The panels are usually milled dibond. In the case of illumination, we use LED modules from reputable manufacturers, arranged in panels and resistant to weather conditions.

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