double-sided signs

Double-sided sign in the form of a light box with lettering, made of dibond and Plexiglas covered with gold film. Edge lighting (letter sides).

Double-sided signs Poland. Double-sided light boxes Poland.

Double-sided signs are a type of advertising signs that have graphics and advertising content on both sides. They are an effective marketing tool with a perpendicular arrangement of the display plane.

A Double-sided sign is most often in the form of a double-sided board, which is used to organise easy communication along the street or in the building. Double-sided signs are often used as information boards in shopping centres and can be used to illustrate the spatial layout of a building.

Double-sided signs Poland are often used by shops and companies as an element of visual identity. Thanks to the fact that they are visible from both sides, they allow you to increase the reach of your advertisement. They are also used as an outdoor advertising tool, which allows you to attract the attention of potential customers who move around the advertised company.

Advantages of double-sided signs:

  • increasing visibility – they are visible from both sides, which allows you to increase the range of advertising;
  • space saving – the use of double-sided signs allows you to save space, because you do not need to place two separate signs;
  • aesthetics – double-sided signboards look aesthetically and professionally, which positively affects the image of the company.
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