logo on the building

The logo on the building in the form of single letters, made of a brushed aluminium composite (dibond) in natural colour. Mounted to the facade on distance. By placing the LEDs on the back of the letter, the glow effect (halo effect) was obtained.

Logo on the building. Logo on the facade. Dibond letters.

Logo on the facade as an element of identification of a residential building: it marks the developer, identifies his portfolio and is also an element of his image communication.

A logo on a building can bring many benefits to the company, including:

  • increasing brand recognition – the logo on the building attracts attention and helps to fix the logotype in the recipient’s memory;
  • building a positive image – a logo constituting an element of interesting architecture evokes positive associations with the company, it is its showpiece;
  • promotion – the logo on the building can be treated as a form of advertising, which increases the range of promotion and contributes to gaining new customers;
  • prestige – an impressive building with a visible logo can influence the perception of the company as reputable and prestigious.

The external logo on the building is an interesting, unique and extremely effective way of presenting the company. Thanks to the use of the best materials on the one hand, and lighting on the other, an ordinary, previously inconspicuous logo on the building’s facade becomes attractive and recognisable.

At B52, we care about the quality of the finish of each element. The messages we design are clear, legible, and the way they are made is individually matched to the nature of the external space and the conditions prevailing there.


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logo na budynku / logo on the building / Logo auf dem Gebäudelogo na budynku / logo on the building / Logo auf dem Gebäude