sign / letters without background

Single letters without background / sign. Faces made of Plexiglas, sides of flat aluminium tape. Due to the glass facade of the building, the sign has been installed above the entrance through a frame.

The FLT flat aluminium tape allows you to bend letters with an elegant appearance at a relatively low purchase price. The FLT tape is very easy to process, thanks to which it is possible to make aesthetic letters even with small dimensions of dozen cm.

Letters without a background is a definition from the landscape resolution of Gdańsk. Refers to a letter or sign placed on the facade of a building. Such marking has no background in the form of a different material or color than the symbol itself. In practice, this means that the letter is cut off from the facade of the building, which gives it the impression of merging into the body of the building. Letters without a background may seem more delicate than boards due to their subtle nature and freedom of design. Directly attached to the facade of the building, these letters do not require additional fasteners that could overwhelm and disturb their proportions. The purpose of such a solution is to preserve the aesthetics and cohesion of the urban landscape.

This effect can be achieved, for example, by using a laser or CNC milling machine to cut letters from wood, plastic, metal or composites. Signs in the form of letters without a background are often designed not only in connection with regulations, but also for aesthetic reasons, because such signs give the impression of lightness and elegance.

szyld litery bez tła Gdańsk / signboard letters without background / Schild Buchstaben ohne Hintergrund