printing on glass

UV printing on glass. For printing, we offer Optiwhite glass, which does not have a green shade, therefore it does not change the colours of prints. To increase the adhesion of inks, the glass surface has been activated with a primer. Then, cut to size, the safety tempered glass pane was UV printed on the underside with a white underlayer. Thanks to this solution, the whole can serve as a board that allows to take notes during office meetings. Installation in the conference room.

Printing on glass Poland is a printing method that consists in applying graphics directly to the glass surface, usually from the back in a mirror image. It is a popular technique used in interior decoration and architectural design.

Printing on glass Poland

Examples of applications of printing on glass: Glass kitchen panels with direct UV printing on glass will give each kitchen a unique look. Due to the print on the other side, easy cleaning is an unquestionable advantage. The glass gloss optically enlarges the interior. An interesting option is printing on glass panels of partition walls, which are one of the most popular methods of separating office space. Thanks to the graphics on the glass partition, the room will receive a second life. The ability to print on glass allows you to personalise glass furniture, such as tables, cabinets, shelves, etc. Finally, glass printing Poland is also used in architectural projects, e.g. in the decoration of building facades.

Printing on glass Poland. UV printing on glass. Printing on glass panels. Printing on kitchen panels.

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