printing on PVC / contour milling

Direct UV printing on PVC boards. Optical positioning, contour milling.

UV printing on PVC boards is commonly used in the advertising industry, e.g. in the production of spatial advertising media. Until recently, you had to print on self-adhesive film, and then stick this film on plates. Currently, thanks to the possibility of printing on rigid substrates, this stage can most often be omitted. Cost and time savings are obvious, which is of utmost importance in advertising. Elements made of printed PVC are insensitive to UV rays and mechanically resistant. They are also easy to machine, thanks to which, for example, CNC milling for complex shapes is not a problem.



UV printing is one of the technologies available in digital printing. It consists in applying a thin layer of ink to virtually any material, which is then fixed with ultraviolet rays. This technology enables printing on virtually all surfaces, both rigid (glass, Plexiglas / acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, PET, HIPS, dibond, wood, steel sheet) and soft / roll (papers, films, canvases, leather, carpets, wallpapers, banners). We print on transparent materials from the front or back. Elements intended for illumination are printed in a special mode ensuring the best colour saturation and contrast. We use inks in the CMYK colour space and white colour.


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