double-sided banners

Two-sided / double-sided printing on blackout / blockout banner material. Tunnel finish. A popular advertising medium in the interiors of shopping centres, so called ribbon.

Double-sided banners. Two-sided banners. Blockout banners.

Banners in shopping centres are an inseparable part of the media plans of media houses that support retail chains. Banner campaigns in shopping centres can be nationwide. Therefore, suspended banners (also known as ribbons, hangers or flags) can be found in almost every shopping centre. Vertical banners are displayed in shopping centres, points of sale (flaglets), but also in cultural institutions (art galleries and museums), and even on outdoor advertising media, e.g. on lighting poles, and are used to promote brands, products, services, as well as for information purposes. Thanks to their large advertising space and location on the main communication routes, they are a simple but extremely effective tool.

Double-sided vertical banners in shopping centres are popular for several reasons:

  • advertising effectiveness – vertical banners are one of the most effective ways to attract customers’ attention in shopping centres. Thanks to their size and visible location, they can be easily noticed by passers-by, which increases the chances of attracting their attention;
  • good visibility – vertical banners are usually placed in places with good lighting, e.g. in atriums, which allows for easy and clear reading of the advertising message;
  • cost effectiveness – low production costs with a large number of viewers (shopping centre customers).


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