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Advertising banners are one of the forms of outdoor advertising, which consists in printing a material with a PVC matrix covered with laminate or acrylic coating. It can usually be a solid banner, the so-called frontlit / frontlight. If light separation is required, e.g. in double-sided printing, we use a blockout / blackout banner. The backlit / backlight banner is used appropriately. For roadside exhibitions, we can also offer reflective banners, which, thanks to their ability to reflect light from car headlights, are even more visible to the recipient. After all, PVC mesh is used for locations that are exposed to high winds. Banners Poland. Banner printing Poland.

Regardless of the available roll widths, they can basically be produced in any format (combined from parts) and printing technology, e.g. large-format solvent printing, UV printing. For easier installation, advertising banners Poland are welded at the edges and equipped with eyelets, or with tunnels / pockets. Printed graphics are placed on fences, racks, and facades. Banner is reliable and resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and temperature changes. Banners Poland. Banner printing Poland.

Advertising banners are a good and cheap choice for promotion.

Banners Poland are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. The production cost is relatively low and the durability, depending on the weather conditions, may be up to several years. The easiest way to install banners is to use plastic ties or an elastic cord (so-called expander). In the version with tunnels, advertising banners made of frontlit or mesh material can be mounted using ropes or belts that stretch the graphics.

An advertising banner is one of the forms of advertising made on a roll substrate on a plastic warp. It is perfect for promotion at fairs, conferences or inside the shop. The fact that they can be hung almost anywhere allows the company to perfectly visualise the services provided or highlight the products, thanks to which they can more easily and quickly reach the customer.

What is the difference between the cheapest and the good banners? Cheap banners are offered by many companies, the so-called Internet printing houses. Such a banner, apart from the price, differs in material and print quality. Usually, the cheapest advertising banners are printed with the use of inks of unknown origin, the substitutes, which, unfortunately, do not guarantee resistance to UV rays for a period longer than a few months. Those cheapest inks are produced from solvents that are harmful to health and the environment. Cheap banners are often printed on machines that are no longer technically efficient and print simply unsightly. In addition, the cheapest banner substrate, which tears in your hands and certainly will not survive in the wind. Such a product, although the cheapest, cannot meet the customer’s requirements.

B52 offers high-quality banner printing. We print our banners Poland only on reinforced or coated substrates. We regularly service our printing machines, and in production we use only proven inks, free from the most harmful solvents.

Banners Poland. Advertising banners Poland. Banner printing Poland.

How to design a banner that will translate into increased sales? Due to the short time of eye contact with banner advertising, the form and content should be simple. Content overload is often counterproductive. The information should not be aggressive, irritating or unpleasant to the audience. Graphics and content must create a coherent whole and be aesthetic. We have to keep the right proportions, margins and spaces. It is important to place the logo or company name, thanks to which the customer will be able to find our offer. The colours should be consistent with the other materials of the company, and at the same time stand out from the competition. So, the features of a well-designed advertising banner Poland are: simple design, minimalism and aesthetics, graphic / visual consistency – logo, typography, colours, clear call to action (CTA) and a well-chosen place for display. Banners Poland. Advertising banners Poland. Banner printing Poland.


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