dibond light boxes

Advertising box made of dibond. Illuminated characters cut (milled) in the face. LED panel lighting recessed into the window profiles. Installation.

At B52, we design and manufacture modern single-sided or double-sided advertising light boxes. For illumination we use branded, energy-saving LED lens modules. We provide professional installations, technical inspections and post-warranty service.

Graphics in dibond or other aluminium composite panels are precisely milled using CNC technology, and then we glue high-quality milky Plexiglas for illumination, if necessary covered with a coloured translucent film or a printout.

We produce such boxes in the traditional colour palette available for dibond boards (black gloss or matt, white, silver, brushed, anthracite) as well as in other colors, thanks to the color change of the material with durable polymer films or UV printing directly on the board.

Advertising light boxes are one of the most popular forms of promotion. In addition to marketing purposes, they can also perform informational functions. An advertising light box is also a great choice for the implementation of large-size advertising. It allows You to sign Your investment in an elegant way.

Dibond light boxes Poland. ACP light boxes Poland.

Illuminated boxes made of dibond are the most popular form of advertising of this type. They will work when we want to highlight milled (cut-out) characters only with an unlit background. Dibond advertising light boxes are exceptionally durable and lightweight advertising products. Dibond is a material that consists of three layers: two aluminium plates and a polyethylene core. Thanks to this, dibond advertising panels are rigid and resistant to impact, corrosion and weather conditions. Dibond is also a grateful material for processing and printing. All this makes them perfect for outdoors, e.g. on building facades.

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