self-adhesive labels / product labels

Highest quality printing on self-adhesive PVC film with removable adhesive. Printing from a 10-colour machine. Cutting to shape with a cutting plotter. Self-adhesive labels. Product labels. Price labels. Bottle labels. Labels for jars. Occasional labels. Personalised materials.




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They provide the necessary information, promote products, show emotions. Although small and inconspicuous, product labels and product stickers are practically everywhere, and life without them is completely unimaginable. Do you want to print labels, advertising stickers or maybe some stickers?

Stickers and product labels are a very important element of the marketing campaign. They are perfect for informing customers about a service, product or event. They also very often act as an advertising gadget. It is impossible to enumerate the uses of product labels. Starting from informational pictograms, to small stickers distributed to children in doctor’s offices, to labels for cosmetics and food products.

Any dimensions. Various types of substrates. White and transparent films. Full colour printing. Printing with white underprint. Films with ‘easy dot’ point glue, with a removable glue, with permanent glue or with super-strong hitack glue. Printing from a 10-colour machine or a UV machine. Printing stickers. Printing labels.