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When more and more cities in introduce regulations regarding the possibility of placing advertisements in their area, signboards remain the element of visual communication that is subject to the least restrictions. For this reason, it is definitely worth to stand out with a well-designed and made, visually interesting sign.

Nowadays, the signboard is not only an element informing about running a business in a given place. It is worth remembering that thanks to its qualities it effectively strengthens the company’s image and significantly supports sales.

We manufacture the entire spectrum of signboard forms for external and internal applications: from simple boards printed in UV technology, through flat single letters without a background or cut out signs glowing backwards (the so-called halo effect), and ending with backlit channel letters, spatial signs or light boxes. Importantly, we tested and implemented a technology that allows you to make an illuminated light box that meets the stringent requirements of signboard thickness up to 3 cm.



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