styrodur letters

Styrodur letters painted in accordance with the RAL colour scheme. Installation with a template and glue.

Styrodur letters Poland are a popular form of visual presentation. Although recently they are more and more replaced by letters made of metal or acrylic, the styrodur letters still successfully defend themselves with their monolithic, minimalist form, lightness, stiffness, easy assembly and low price.

Such letters are made in thermal treatment with resistance wire or CNC milling. Due to the light weight of the finished letters, mounting glue is usually enough to install them. They are used outdoors, but are more often used indoors.

Styrodur letters Poland are refined, thanks to which the face is smooth and aesthetic. The last step is painting in any colour, with the possibility of obtaining a matte or metallic finish. An additional option that affects not only the aesthetics, but also the durability of such letters is the execution of a face from any material, most often from acrylic, PVC or aluminium composite (dibond).

Styrodur letters Poland

Extruded polystyrene (XPS, commonly known as styrodur) is an insulating material most often used in construction, but also in the advertising industry. This hard foam is sometimes associated with polystyrene. Contrary to it, however, styrodur is more compact, harder and very durable. Styrodur is available in thicknesses from 2 to 10 cm as standard.

At the request of our clients, we are able to install the ordered elements in Gdansk, Tricity and beyond. Due to the ease of assembly, we also prepare templates for self-assembly by our clients.