wood-like signs

Signboard made of dibond composite, printed with a pattern imitating wood, with acrylic elements. Backlit with LEDs. The graphics have been deliberately scaled up to keep the grain of the wood visible from a greater distance.

Wood-like signs Poland. Wood-like signboards Poland.

The signboards made of wood are unique. They are very nice-looking and undoubtedly stand out from other forms of advertising.

Wood is a natural noble material. Such signs should be maintained from time to time. Additionally, the grain pattern has a positive effect on the company’s image, but it is not visible from a distance.

Popular composites come to the rescue here. We offer originally laminated dibond panels with patterns imitating popular types of wood. So your sign will look good every day, for many years to come.

In the case of inquiries about individual patterns, we suggest UV printing on dibond. Thanks to this, we can additionally emphasize the desired elements, e.g. knots, but also enhance the colours, contrast or enlarge the pattern, thanks to which the unique character of the sign will be better visible from a much greater distance.