double-sided stickers

Printing of double-sided stickers on transparent PVC-film. Several layers of printing with a white underprint and a black separator to avoid the see-through effect. Stickers cut along the contour. Double-sided stickers Poland. Sticker printing Poland.




The double-sided graphics are legible, clear and without see-through. Double-sided stickers are most often used on shop windows and other glass surfaces. The content of the graphics can be different from each side.

Sticker printing / stickers cut along the contour in any shape. If the design does not contain a cutting line, we can suggest rounded corners.

Double-sided stickers printed with the UV technique are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Additionally, they can be ennobled with matt or glossy laminate.

Interior stickers (FrontStick) printed on the adhesive side: these stickers are perfect for use on glass doors, in cars or shop windows. Thanks to sticking on the inside, we can be sure that no one will damage or remove them. Stickers are printed on a transparent substrate with a white mask. Double-sided stickers Poland. Sticker printing Poland.