letters with halo effect

Sign in the form of channel letters with mirrored Plexiglas faces and a transparent polycarbonate back. Backlit / with the halo effect. Due to the need to maintain the aesthetics of the assembly, it was a challenge to hide the wires supplying each letter. They are routed inside the pins and connected behind a white box panel that also acts as a reflector.

A semaphore sign in the form of a two-sided illuminated cassette in the shape of a circle with spatial letters made of black Plexiglas.

Letters with halo effect. Halo effect letters. Letters with glow effect. Backlit letters.




With small sign sizes of letterings, we most often use channel letters that allow you to hide LEDs and installations inside. On the other hand, large letter sizes or mounting at height allow the use of flat letters cut from steel or composite materials.

The halo effect is a glow of light around an object. The letters with the halo effect are illuminated backwards towards the facade. The halo effect is recommended where the face is made of metal or some other light-impermeable material. Halo effect illumination gives the inscription / logotype a new character. It is eye-catching, expressive but not blinding. Such letters are mounted to the facade at distances, which gives them elegance and prestige.


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