advertising on vans

Advertising on vans: plotter cutting of coloured cast film, wrapping vans.

Plotter cutting films. Plotter cut coloured film is used for sticking lettering, simple graphic elements, signs and logos. It is available in many ready colours, including metallic and special colours, in gloss or matte. Works great with simple graphic designs or as one of the elements in projects containing printed graphics. We use economical monomeric and polymeric films to wrap flat car body parts and to short and medium-term graphics. Cast films will be ideal for embossed elements and for vehicles intended for use for many years.

Effective car advertising does not have to have complicated graphics. It doesn’t have to be flashy. In the case of outdoor advertising, the contact time of drivers or pedestrians with the advertisement can be very short. Therefore, it is important that the advertising message is simple and easy to remember. Often, less is more, and a well-thought-out and condensed message can have a greater impact on the recipients than elaborate graphics or complicated content. Of course, simplicity does not mean low-quality materials. Cast self-adhesive films are ideal for this type of solution and ensure the highest quality of advertising for many years.

We wrap cars, vans, trucks, car trailers, buses and cisterns – from simple marking to complete wrapping.

Advertising on cars. Advertising on vans. Advertisement company Poland.

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