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Service: cutting using a CO2 laser plotter. Laser cutting Poland is an alternative to traditional machining with the help of a CNC milling machine / cutter. Laser cutting is a technological process in which a laser beam is used for cutting. Lasers emit high-power electromagnetic radiation, which, as a result of point action on the material, causes it to melt, evaporate or burn out, which enables precise cutting. Laser cutting Poland offers high accuracy and the possibility of machining elements of small dimensions without the risk of their movement during operation.

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The advantages of laser processing are above all good edge quality after cutting. For Plexiglas, the edge is glassy. It is possible to cut curves with very small radii. Laser cutting is also, thanks to the numerical control technology, high precision in terms of dimensional tolerances. Modern cutting devices guarantee a cutting precision of +/- 0.02 to 0.1 mm. This gives almost unlimited possibilities of cutting patterns and shapes, which is particularly appreciated in the decorating and advertising.

Plexiglas laser cutting. Acrylic laser cutting.

Acrylic is very well suited for both laser cutting and laser engraving. This is one of the most graceful materials for laser processing. It is mainly used for the production of signs, neon and light advertisements, stands for business cards or folders, presenters, statuettes as well as for a whole range of various gadgets. PMMA is also very easy to bend, which further extends the possibilities of creation.

Laser cutting Poland of Plexiglas gives sharp and clean edges that do not require further labour-intensive processing such as polishing or grinding. As this material is quite soft, all irregularities are compensated by the laser by fusing, and the process is very fast and therefore cheap. The maximum possible cutting thickness depends on the laser power and the lens used. Our CO2 laser with a 2″ and 4″ lenses enables you to cut acrylic up to 20 mm thick. It is worth knowing that the greater the thickness of the material being cut, the longer the laser’s working time. During laser cutting, acrylic does not burn, but evaporates immediately, so there is no problem of dirty darker edges.

Engraving in Plexiglas gives different effects, depending on the type of acrylic. Usually, the colour of the engraving is white or gray, which is clearly visible on dyed acrylic, but not always on transparent ones, and almost disappears on white. With the right laser settings, you can get quite a lot of contrast and a clear engraving on transparent acrylic, but it will never be as clear as the print. If high contrast is needed, it is better to use engraving laminates, which are also based on PMMA, but are constructed differently.

By combining laser engraving and cutting of Plexiglas with the possibility of bending made objects, we can get really surprising results. With a little imagination, you can create boxes, stands, handles, hooks, advertising gadgets, illuminated frames, lamps, housings and many other interesting items in this way.

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