scaffolding advertising

Large format advertising on scaffolding: printing on vinyl mesh and installation on the scaffolding. Excellent advertising exposure opportunity during construction works (building construction or facade renovation). In the pictures: advertisement of 450 sq m during the construction of the shopping centre.

Scaffolding advertising. Advertising on building scaffolding. Printing on PVC mesh.

The undoubted advantage of building scaffolding in the context of their use as an advertising medium is their mobility. Advertising on scaffolding can easily occupy the entire facade or its part. It can change its position on the scaffolding as the work progresses. The scaffolding assembly itself is simple and quick.

Scaffolding is an inseparable element of every construction. The possibility of using construction scaffolding to mount advertising means that there is no need to incur additional expenditure on the construction of other advertising media.

Building scaffolding can also be used to build spatial load-bearing structures in places other than at the facades, e.g. in the field. Thanks to this, it is possible to display the advertisement almost everywhere, e.g. in the open area, by roads, during events as an element of scenery, etc.

For the largest scaffolding areas, we recommend mesh printing. For smaller or less conventional applications, we recommend printing on solid frontlit / ftontlight vinyls. In the case of double-sided exposure, we recommend printing on blackout / blockout vinyl material. Also the method of installation depends on the exposure conditions: it must not only be aesthetic and durable, but also safe.


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reklama na rusztowaniu / scaffolding advertising / Gerüstwerbung
reklama na rusztowaniu / scaffolding advertising / Gerüstwerbung