Printing in the highest quality from the 10-colour machine on a dedicated roll-up material. Perfect shades of grey and intense orange colour.

Rollups Poland

When there is a need for a mobile presentation of advertising, which is also easy to store and transport, presentation stands with an expanding print are a great solution. In our offer you will find economic and premium cassettes. Service includes printing and assembly in the cassette. It is also possible to replace the printout in the customer’s cassette.

Rollups are basically large-format prints that are used at various types of events, fairs, conferences, exhibitions or in shops. Roll-ups consist of graphics, usually printed on a dedicated material, which is slid out and stretched over an aluminium structure. Rollups can be easily folded and carried, which makes them very convenient to use. They are often used as elements of advertising and promotion, because they are distinguished by a large display area and ease of setting.

Roll-ups are also very popular in the marketing industry as they are a great way to grab the attention of customers and potential buyers. Thanks to their large advertising space, roll-ups allow you to display important information, such as company name, logo, advertising slogan, product or service description and contact details. Roll-ups are also very easy to handle and store, which makes them a very attractive marketing tool for many companies.

Nowadays, roll-ups are also used as decorative elements in various types of rooms, such as offices or conference rooms. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and durability, roll-ups can be a perfect decorative element that introduces some colour and life to the space, and at the same time is very practical to use.

Although the idea for this simple, handy, fully mobile and cheap advertising medium was not born yesterday, its sales have not decreased over time. Customers still appreciate its advantages: ease of use, solid and stable construction made of aluminium, easy-to-transport segment mast, and above all, the possibility of presenting very attractive graphics printed in the highest quality on light-proof blockout material.

Roll-ups Poland

rollupy Gdańsk / rollups Poland / Rollups Polen
rollupy Gdańsk / rollups Poland / Rollups Polen
rollupy Gdańsk / rollups Poland / Rollups Polen